Brain-based learning and helping others learn in the way the brain was naturally designed to learn is my thing. Reading Making Mathineers, written by my friend, Jonily Zupancic, showed me the real-life implications of all that brain science knowledge.

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I always say that the CLEVER learning method uses our knowledge of how the learning brain and mind work to move away from memorizing information to meaningful learning. And this starts with remembering that the brain doesn’t only learn from new experiences but also by tapping into prior experiences and then forming interconnections between the two. So when I got to the last section of Making Mathineers where Jonily wrote

‘A mathineer is a person who thinks through math. They find relationships with numbers by tapping into their existing number sense.’

page 207 Making Mathineers by Jonily Zupancic

I knew we had the same mission. And I couldn’t wait to share this treasure with everyone I knew, including you!

Making Mathineers

This book is is a brilliant, practical book filled with real-life examples and advice that are backed by science. Her insight comes from years of teaching and coaching experience, testing, and succeeding. She takes math teaching and learning to a whole new level and in a way very few educators or scientists can. This book is a must-read to anyone and everyone interested in discovering transformational math experiences. And all I can say is that if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out.

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